All Island Speech and Stuttering Therapy: Help for Teens and Adults Who Stutter

All Island Speech and Stuttering Therapy: Help for Teens and Adults Who Stutter

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Stuttering is a speech disorder which can be debilitating at any age, but especially in the teen years and adulthood when you have more responsibilities than ever before. There is no known cause, but there are effective treatments available to help people improve their speech and feel more confident in life.

All Island Speech and Stuttering Therapy is a local business created by Speech-Language Pathologist and ADHD Life Coach Lori Melnitsky, who stuttered herself severely from the age of 4 into adulthood before getting the help she needed.

With over 25 years experience in treating speech, Lori specializes in helping teens and adults who stutter using stuttering and fluency therapy, specifically the MPI-2 (Modifying Phonation Intervals) program. During the first 14 days, known as the Intensive Therapy Phase, participants will learn to talk without stuttering.

In the following 3-6 months and with Lori's support and guidance, participants will gradually replace your old speech with new, stutter-free speech and move to increasingly difficult speaking situations when you are ready.

Lori teaches the very same principles she learned to overcome her stutter and her patients feel at ease knowing she has gone through the same experiences they have.

All Island Speech and Stuttering offer therapy services online via tele therapy, both nationwide and internationally.

All Island Speech and Stuttering also has a podcast! ‘Stuttering Demystified and Beyond’ is a platform in which Lori shares her story and those of others who have shared the stutter struggle. You can listen on Spotify or learn more here .

Alongside providing speech therapy services, Lori is also an ADHD Life Coach and offers these services to older teens, college students and adults with ADHD or those with ADHD symptoms. Her mission is to help adults and parents eliminate feelings of self-doubt and help them wake up every day feeling ready to tackle the day ahead.

Stuttering shouldn’t rule your life, study, work or relationships. Get in touch with someone who has been in your shoes and make a big difference to your speech.

You can check out the website here to get started.

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